Big Name Brands that Use WordPress to Power Their Business Websites

We love WordPress and have been developing websites for clients of all sizes since 2009. Many of our clients had never heard of WordPress and some thought is was just free blogging software and couldn’t possibly be used to build a custom website that would fit their needs.

When we told them about its flexibility in design, ease of management, and the functionality that could be added through plugins, they began to understand. The fact that WordPress is the dominate CMS platform worldwide and that it powers over 26% of the internet also helped 😉

The great team over at put together a list of over 40 big name brands that have put their trust in WordPress. Companies like TechCrunch, Sony, Star Wars, Disney, and more have all realized the benefits this CMS platform has to offer.

We encourage you to give their article, 40+ Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress a read to see for yourself the awesome sites that can be created with WordPress.