Graphic Design

What Makes Your Brand Different?

With all the competing marketing from your colleagues, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the clutter and get your message heard. As a business owner you work hard to make your company stand out from the competition, wouldn’t it be nice to see it all pay off with better responses?

The key to success is using the right combination of online and offline channels to reach your customers. No matter what channels you choose, they all need to have a consistent look and convey your brand’s message. This includes your collateral material, product packaging, trade show exhibits, email marketing, newsletter, website, and social media profiles.

With over 26 years of experience in the design industry working with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies, let Current Media Group help take your brand to the next level. Whether it’s a complete brand refresh or you’re just getting started, we’ll take the time to understand your marketing goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve them.

We’ll start with the basics and look at your company’s visual branding including your logo, collateral material, packaging and online presence. From there we can evaluate and suggest areas for improvement and put our plan into action.

Our design services include logo and brand identity development, collateral material, packaging, POP/POS, trade show exhibits, in-store signage, commercial photography, and the creation of graphic elements for use online including websites, email marketing and social media profiles.

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