Social Media Consulting

Why Do You Need to Be Social?

The world has become connected in ways that we could have only dreamed about 100 years ago. The speed at which we connect in the social networks, the frequency of network change, and the speed of information exchange can feel chaotic that many business people become overwhelmed and intimidated; to the point of losing out.

Social Media is a communication tool, a marketing and promotional tool,
a CRM tool, and an analytical tool.

STOP struggling and START building your business using the strategies, tools, and tactics that we use in our own business everyday to generate satisfied customers and long-term revenue.

23% of Facebook’s users check their account five or more times every day.

As a small business owner, time is money and typically, there isn’t a large marketing budget to go around. Coupled with the incredible speed of updates and changes to social platforms, it’s no wonder that small businesses are frustrated with social media!

The Online Advantage

The advantage of being connected to your customers through social is that you can extend the conversations, continue to build relationships and most importantly – it will help you remain relevant to your customers.

Twitter handles more search queries per month than Bing and Yahoo combined – 32 billion.

Mind you, “being social” is not a quick-fix solution and does take time, strategy and commitment. Whether you have 20 minutes a day or 2 hours a day to invest in your social activities, you will see results!

From teaching you how to plan, how to leverage your time, tools to maximize your time management, we will lead you step-by-step through a social experience that is right for you and your brand.

Can I Afford This?

At the very least, do you have listening channels established so you know what’s being said about – you, or your competitors? We will help you conquer social media and expertly guide you on how to set up and leverage the tools to extend your communications, your customer relationships and manage your online reputation.

Facebook boasts 1.06 billion active monthly users, and 650 million+ are mobile users.

Whether you want to learn for yourself, teach your staff, or have us do it for you, we will custom build a solution specifically for you.

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